Modular and functional BESTA Serisi

It really is no problem whether your living room is big or small, BESTA Series is specially designed to take care of all your storage needs. So you can use it to make your living room both great-looking and practical. It gives you plenty of room for everything, from your flat screen TV, gaming consoles and sound system to your books. You can choose a combination with panel doors to hide away clutter or glass doors to show off your favorite things.

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TV Dolap Sistemleri

BESTA TV and Storage Solutions Planner

TV Dolap Sistemleri

EKET Cabinet Planner

Functional and stylish storage solutions for your living room

The television, stereo system, game console, satellite receiver, USBs and their cables can quickly turn your living room into a mess. But not when you have a functional TV bench unit that hides the cable clutter and provides a smart storage solution that adapts your needs.

BESTA Series is more than a TV Storage Unit.

TV Dolap Sistemleri


TV Dolap Sistemleri


TV Dolap Sistemleri


EKET: Flexible to your space

Large or small. Out in the open or hidden. Colorful or toned down. EKET is a versatile series of modular storage cube shelves and cabinets in different colors and sizes and functions so you can create your own personal solution. Stack, hang and combine them endlessly, display or hide your things, or both. Create unique storage that suits the needs of your space with floor units that anchor cabinets and storage cubes together or hang cube shelves with cabinets in unique patterns.

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