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Functional and stylish storage solutions for your living room

The television, stereo system, game console, satellite receiver, USBs and their cables can quickly turn your living room into a mess. But not when you have a functional TV storage unit that hides the cable clutter and provides a smart storage solution that adapts your needs.

Complement your decoration with colorful storage combination.

Made of metal, the colorful LIXHULT cabinets are perfect for small items like keys, umbrellas or chargers. Either pick a ready-made cabinet or create your own colorful or monochrome combination, this cabinet will bring a new color to your home.

BESTA Series is more than a TV Storage Unit.

By combining the pieces of different sizes and colors, the BESTA TV storage unit creates a functional storage solution for anything in your living room, not just holding your television.

Modular and stylish BESTA Series keep your all media devices in one place, hide the cable clutter and provide plenty of storage with benches, wall cabinets and shelving units.
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