Your health is important to us!

As IKEA Turkey, the health and safety of our visitors and our employees have always been our priority. The hygiene practices we apply regularly in all areas of our stores have been increased to the highest level depending on the current developments and are applied systematically throughout the day.

Frequently used spots such as the shopping trolleys, shopping vehicles, display areas, stair railings, elevator cabin and buttons, door handles, customer information counters, ATM's, checkout points and swiping machines are disinfected meticulously as a routine.

“Antibacterial Hygiene with Professional Nano Silver Ion Technology” has been applied on all wet floors. 100% fresh air is supplied from our in-store ventilation system, the air inside is expelled without recirculation and the air filters are changed regularly.

The sanitation procedures are carried out meticulously for the highest level of hygiene in our customer restaurants and food markets. Samples from our products and kitchen equipment are taken regularly to be analyzed in laboratories to ensure maximum hygiene.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our little visitors, our children's play area will not provide service for a temporary period for precautionary purpose.

We would like you to know that we will continue to take precautions at the highest level to serve our visitors in a reliable and hygienic environment.

IKEA Turkey

Sağlık Önemli
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