The information we requested for website and/or mobile app and/or newsletter subscription may be used to notify you about the changes on our site and activities concerning your areas of interest, and to improve the web site and/or the mobile app in line with your preferences. Such information is shared and newsletter registration is effected only through your request and confirmation. The information we gathered is kept secure in the database of our firm. Such information you choose to share with us through your confirmation shall not be shared with other persons or enterprises. You can cancel your newsletter subscription, should you choose to do so. All such procedures and our communications with you require a valid e-mail address.

Our firm uses certain forms on the web site and/or on the mobile app to request certain items of personal information (e.g. name, age, areas of interest, e-mail address), to be able to serve the users better. Such information kept secure on the information systems of our firm is used exclusively within our firm (for seasonal promotions, various campaigns, arrangement of promotions tailored to user profiles, and customer/user profile "categorization" with respect to exclusion from unsolicited e-mail lists).

Our firm does not share certain information gathered through sign-up forms with third parties, without notifying the user in question or in disregard of her instructions otherwise; does not use such information for any commercial purposes other than its ordinary operations; and does not sell such information.

Our firm gathers, in addition to the e-mail addresses and personal information of the user required in registration forms, such meta data on user activities and preferences tracked during the use of the site, and analyses and interprets such data within its customer relations platform. Statistical data pertaining to user activities on the basis of web pages, free of any personal details, may be shared with our business partners, so as to provide a more specific and efficient experience to our customers.

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