Storage solutions for unusual spaces

In our homes, we all have that little corner that doesn’t get used because we can’t find the right furniture that fits in it. PLATSA is a customisable series of units that can be combined to create a solution that fills any space in any room. Combine frames of different sizes and depths with doors and interiors, legs and handles to make it more personal.


Thanks to the click and snap system you can easily take it apart and reassemble many times without becoming unstable. Sliding doors are great for small spaces, while putting extra storage on top of your PLATSA wardrobe can free up lots of floor space.



A storage solution that adapts your needs

Life constantly changes at homes. More people live in less space, move more frequently and homes are smaller than they have ever been. The flexible PLATSA storage systems can be adapted easily in tricky places whether that's the bedroom, living room or hallway.

Create your own PLATSA wardrobe

By combining frames from the PLATSA series with items from the HJALPA and LATTHET series of interiors and exteriors, you can create exactly the solution you need.


Maximise storage space and organisation on the outside of your wardrobe with LATTHET clothes rails and hooks that work well for hanging items like ties, lingerie, scarves, trousers, handbags and jewellery. You can also use the clothes rails to fill space between frames or between a frame and a wall.

Raise with legs.

To give a light airy look and making it easy to clean the floor underneath, raise your PLATSA combination with LATTHET adjustable legs.

Everything is in order with STUK Series.

STUK interior organizers are designed for PLATSA storage systems and keeps your accessories, shoes, belts, or bedlinen in order. Organize your PLATSA wardrobe in your own way using boxes with compartments in different sizes to make your way out easily.