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Treat yourself to a slow start

Treat yourself to a slow start


When you’re still dreaming, the last thing you want is to be jolted out of bed. Instead, start your morning slowly, let gradual light and sound ease you awake. Sink your toes into satisfying warmth. Start your day with a smile.

Better when we’re together

Better when we’re together


Autumn doesn’t have to feel dark and gloomy, especially when it’s the perfect time for catching up with friends and loved ones. Gather everyone round for an autumn get-together and set a cosy, relaxed table where you’ll want to linger for hours.

Better sleeping comfort on a mattress made of natural materials

VATNESTRÖM double bed mattress, made of natural materials like natural latex, coconut fiber, cotton and wool, provides good ventilation and sleeping comfort since the bottom layer is made of natural coconut fibres which allow air to circulate.. The 5 comfort zones give very precise support and relieve pressure on shoulders and hips.

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