Let the autumn in.

This fall, make changes at home with ideas of decoration, organization and storage solutions. The vivid colors and energetic patterns of the recalling summer days give way in pastel tones such as powdery pink, beige, ochre and off-white which create a calm and inner feel. Catch the calm feeling at home with the power of colors and patterns and smart storage solutions to reduce the clutter that your eyes can see.

IKEA'da Sonbahar

Start organizing from your bedroom.

You may not remember how so many things have arrived to your bedroom, nor do you remember when you stopped organizing and began stacking them in all the nooks. But what you do know is that you need a solution to this mess. Start with the clothes bags and storage boxes, do not forget the hangers for your seasonal clothes! If this is not enough, adding shelving units might be a good choice.

Organize your wardrobe easily.

This fall renew your living room!

IKEA'da Sonbahar

The living room, your resting place

Your resting space asks for a change. You can give your living room a new look thanks to the possibilities offered by the HAVSTA modular series. Combine the modules as you want or use them independently.

Organize your living room with HAVSTA Series.

Let heart warming textiles warm you in autumn.

IKEA'da Sonbahar

Big differences with small additions

When the autumn breeze wanders in your home, warm yourself up in throws and blankets. Catch the perfect harmony with the natural tones and romantic atmosphere of the fall along with patterns on cushions, curtains, rugs.

Complement your sofa with cushions.