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Terms of Use

By signing up with the Site and/or displaying or downloading any contents of the Site, you agree to the terms of use provided below, as well as any changes Mapa may make singlehandedly thereon from time to time (“Terms of Use”), for as long as you are a User of the Site. MAPA MOBİLYA ve AKSESUAR PAZARLAMA A.Ş. reserves the right to revise the information, forms or Content provided or to be provided on this site, or the Site itself, or the present terms of use any time. MAPA MOBİLYA ve AKSESUAR PAZARLAMA A.Ş. is not in any way under obligation to notify you about the changes in the Terms of Use; as a User, you hereby agree and undertake that you shall monitor the changes in the Terms of Use, and shall act in accordance with such terms.

1. Parties

The present terms of use are executed by and between;

  1. The firm titled Mapa Mobilya ve Aksesuar Pazarlama A.Ş. (“Mapa”) located at the address Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Balkan Cad. No:62 Tepeüstü Ümraniye ISTANBUL, and managing the site, and
  2. The User(s) defined below.

The User and Mapa shall hereinafter be referred to individually as a “Party”, and jointly as “Parties”.

2. Definitions

Link(s): Refers to the links which provide connection to another site, files, or content from the Site, or to the Site, files or contents from another site,

Service(s): Refers to the means provided by Mapa to the User, to upload to and host Contents at the Site,

Content(s): Refers to any kind of information, files, images, text, audio, animation and video files and designs etc., visual, textual or audio images published or made accessible by Mapa or the User(s) on the Site and/or other sites,

User(s): Refers to legal and natural entity User(s) or Visitor(s) accessing the Site online,

Site: Refers to the web site named [www.ikeakurumsal.com] for which Mapa holds the license/rights, and where IKEA brand and its products are promoted and sold, where third parties are notified about new products and/or solutions, and furthermore IKEA Business customers are promoted, with small scale enterprises being provided a promotional venue in the form of a corporate network, where their business development and economic contributions are supported, and where firm promotion, marketing and certain corporate details accessible to member businesses are shared and made accessible in an online environment provided for sharing and allowing the User(s) rate successful designs,

Member(s): Refers to legal and/or natural persons which access the Site and complete the procedures for registration with the Site, either personally or through her representatives, which fill out the forms in the same manner, and which meet the requirements of Turkish Civil Law and other regulations,

Visitor: Refers to persons who access the Site and view the Contents without signing up, but who are not granted the right to make revisions.

3. General Rights and Obligations

3.1. Users can only engage in legal acts that are in line with the founding reasons of the Site. The Users shall not disclose on the Site any written, visual or audio information which may infringe on the rights Mapa, IKEA and/or any other third parties may have under the Civil Law and other laws. Mapa may, upon any complaint or acting on its own initiative, may remove any such Contents from the Site, at any time. Furthermore, the liability regarding such Content rests with the Users, who shall cover any damages or losses Mapa may incur due to such Contents. Mapa reserves the right to recourse against the Users in such cases.

3.2. The Users agree, represent and warrant that Mapa holds exclusive rights to use, process, store, express and disclose to third parties any Contents uploaded or transmitted to the Site within the framework of the Confidentiality Provisions, Terms of Use, and laws; that, however, such rights do not require Mapa to check the Contents or hold it liable whatsoever for the Content; that all liability pertaining to the creation and publication of the Content shall belong to the Users.

3.3. Mapa and its staff, as well as the persons or entities authorised by Mapa and the people who prepare the Contents on the Site shall not hold any legal or criminal liability regarding any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage claims which may arise due to Users’ acts in ignorance or awareness of the Terms of Use.

3.4. Mapa does not engage in any commitment regarding the infringement of 3rd parties’ intellectual property rights due to the use of the Site’s Contents by the User.

3.5. The User agrees, declares and warrants that it shall not upload Content or write texts which are illegal.

3.6. Mapa is not under obligation to check every piece of content published on the Site by the User. Mapa provides the Members a space and services to upload Contents, and allows them to access such space and make use of additional services. In this context, Mapa is not under obligation to check the contents of the Contents, messages, and comments. Users agree, represent and warrant that Mapa, its associated entities, staff and managers are not liable for any Contents published on the Site by third parties and Users. The Member is liable for any Contents it uploaded to the Site, as well as for its actions throughout the Site.

Therefore, by submitting any images or information to the Site, they are assumed to accept that any images and information provided by Mapa to the Site shall be accessible to other Users and 3rd parties. Mapa does not provide any commitments or guarantees regarding the security, accuracy, or legality of the Contents provided by the Users.

3.7. Users agree and undertake not to engage in practices which would lead to unfair competition under the provisions of the Turkish Code of Commerce, or in acts which would constitute infringements or violations of personal rights, damaging personal and commercial reputation of Mapa and third parties.

3.8. The Contents on the Site shall be deemed recommendations by the Users. Users shall not be entitled to claims that a specific decision was taken or action was implemented as a result of the use of such Contents. In such cases, the whole liability shall rest with the User. Even though Mapa tries to keep the contents of the Site accurate and up to date, it does not provide any guarantees or engage in commitments regarding the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information and/or references therein.

3.9. On the Site, there may be Links to other sites and/or Contents and/or files owned or operated by third parties, outside the control of Mapa. Such Links are for reference purposes only, and does not serve the purpose of directing the User to such content, or of supporting the relevant site or its operator or as a statement or guarantee regarding the other site or any information contained thereon, and does not constitute an affirmation of the contents. Mapa shall not be held liable whatsoever for the sites, files and contents accessed through the Links on the Site, the services offered on the sites accessed through such Links, or other contents offered on such sites. The persons and/or entities who provide the contents of the relevant Link shall be liable for such contents; the provider of the Link content shall be the recipient of any acts and actions by government authorities, as well as the addressee of any claims or complaints to arise in connection with such content. The User agrees, declares and warrants this case.

3.10. It is explicitly forbidden to publish the Site’s Contents on another web site or to link to them on other site without notifying Mapa. Users agree, represent and warrant that they are only entitled to visit and display this site for personal use only.

3.11. Users agree, represent and warrant not to prevent the use of the Site by other Users as they deem fit.

3.12. Users shall not send any information, software (Spam, virus, trojan or similar programs) or Contents which contain viruses or other harmful elements, to the Site. The User agrees, declares and warrants that it shall be liable for any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages or losses arising due to acting otherwise.

3.13. At all times Mapa reserves the right to revise, deny publication of, or remove any information and/or Content it deems partially or completely inappropriate.

3.14. In case Mapa determines or third parties report/complain about or a legal warning or sanction is issued with respect to the violation of the rules and obligations under the present terms of use, or to uploading of illegal Contents or sending of illegal messages or comments by the Users, Mapa shall be entitled to deny the User the ability to upload Contents to the Site, to remove existing Contents and/or block and stop the use of the Site and Service by the User. The User who engages in such violation shall not be entitled to demand republication of the contents on the platform, or reopening of the account thus closed. In this context, the User is under obligation to cover any direct and indirect damages Mapa shall incur.

3.15. At any time, the User may leave the Site and/or Membership. All contents the Users who resign from Membership had added to the Site during their Membership shall be deemed to be owned by Mapa, and the User declares that, by accepting the present Terms of Use, it irrevocably accepts Mapa’s rights to such Contents, and extends such rights by the act of Upload. Mapa may block the User from using the present Site and Services, on the grounds that such use is in breach of the Terms of Use and laws, or any or all of the information submitted at the time of Registration is inaccurate. The Users’ Membership may be terminated on these grounds. In such cases, the Users shall not be entitled to any damages from Mapa.

3.16. The Users agree and declare that they shall not use any tools, software or utility to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of the Site, and that they shall not access without authorisation to the software and data of other Users. Otherwise, the Member shall be subject to recourse for any damages and/or administrative/judicial fines Mapa may be required to pay due to such violations.

3.17. Mapa does not provide any guarantee to the Users that IKEA products referred to in the Contents are available in the stocks, are in production, and have undergone required and sufficient testing for commercial use. The sale of the products on the Site is subject to stock limitations.

3.18. Where necessary Mapa may restrict or terminate access to the Service in case of danger for the operating safety of the network, or for ensuring continued access to the network, or preventing any faults on the network, software, or saved files, and preventing or reducing the impact of possible problems, or in other cases it deems necessary. Mapa does not provide any guarantees that the Site and the Services it provides shall be active and accessible at all times. Mapa shall not assume any liability regarding any problems to arise due to decisions and practices of judiciary or various authorities, issues caused by third parties, problems or delays caused by internet service providers, and similar external factors, misuse, and any technical breakdowns or various glitches which may be caused by Mapa, repairs and problems caused as a result of other instructions, particularly in cases it cannot prevent, and shall be entitled to discontinue the Service temporarily and/or permanently.

4. Intellectual Property Rights
Contents, animations, video files and designs accessed in the Site, and any other design, text, image, html code and other codes etc. components on the Site are owned by Mapa and/or IKEA under the regulations including but not limited to the relevant provisions of the Intellectual Property Law no. 5846, and are under legal protection.

In this context Users shall not alter, copy, duplicate, rent, republish, copy to another computer, post, transmit or distribute, process or creative derivatives of any work on the Site, including code and software, save for the cases permitted explicitly by Mapa, and shall not engage in direct and/or indirect competition with Mapa through such means or others.

Furthermore, the Users agree and undertake that the information, documents, photos and any other Content uploaded to the Site as Contents shall belong to Mapa from the moment of upload on, that Mapa shall be entitled to make any revisions regarding such Contents, and that it is entitled to extend the use of Content to third parties and/or to use the Content for its own commercial purposes.

The Contents and expressions displayed on the Site, or signing up for the Site, as well as using the Site shall, under no circumstances, be considered as an assignment of brands, extension of licenses or concessions, or a similar development.

5. Changes in the Terms of Use of the Site

Mapa, on its own judgment, may revise the present Terms of Use at any time, by announcing the changes on the Site. The revised provisions of the present Terms of Use shall enter into force on the date of announcement on the Site.

6. Validity of Mapa’s Records

The User agrees, declares and warrants that Mapa’s electronic and system records, commercial records, books, microfilm, microfiche and computer records kept on its database and servers shall constitute valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence for any disputes to arise out of the present Terms of Use, and that the present provision constitutes an evidence agreement.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Turkish Laws shall govern the application and interpretation of the present Terms of Use and the management of the legal relationships to arise within the framework of the present terms of use, with the exception of Turkish regulations regarding the conflict of laws. Courts and Execution Directorates of Istanbul Çağlayan shall have jurisdiction regarding any and all disputes to arise out of the present agreement.

8. Force and Acceptance

The present Terms of Use shall enter into force on the date of announcement by Mapa on the Site. Users shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use by using the Site. Changes in the provisions of the Terms of Use shall enter into force on the date of announcement on the Site.



For the purposes of tailoring the products and services we offer to your needs, and marketing our products and services, sending notifications through SMS, e-mail and mobile application channels as well as sending web push notifications, do you agree that your personal data including identity information, contact information, customer information, and confidential personal information to be processed for the below-specified purposes and disclosed to our business partners, suppliers, legally authorized governmental institutions, and private persons for the same purposes?

  • Performance of the activities and the relevant work processes by our business units which are required for you to benefit from the products and services offered by the company,
    • - Planning and execution of the sales processes of products and services,
    • - Planning and execution of the campaign management processes.
  • Planning and execution of activities that are required to offer and introduce the products and services offered by IKEA to you by tailoring them to your tastes, user habits and needs,
    • - Planning and execution of the marketing processes of products and services,
    • - Planning and execution of processes for raising and increasing loyalty to products and/or services offered by our company,
    • - Planning and execution of customer satisfaction activities.
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