IKEA - Kurumsal Hizmetlerimiz

Remote Orders

You can place remote orders using e-mail or phone.

Remote Payment

You can pay with money order, EFT and credit card without visiting the store.

IKEA - Kurumsal Hizmetlerimiz

Architectural Service

We can decorate the work space of your dreams with inspiring solutions to meet the needs and style by the expertise of the IKEA Business architectures.

Pick Up Service

You can spend your time with your work while we pick up the products you ordered.*

*You can contact IKEA BUSINESS staff for detailed information.

IKEA - Kurumsal Hizmetlerimiz

Delivery Service

If you need any help with the delivery of the products you purchased, we can organize the delivery to your business through our contracted delivery company at low cost.

Assembly Service

Most IKEA products are designed to be assembled easily.

However, if you prefer, we can provide you the assembly service by IKEA team at low cost.