Storage and Organisation Solutions

Storage and Organisation Solutions Plan Your Organisation Unit

Are you looking for simple and budget-friendly solutions to store more items and to be better organised?

Efficient storage of everything, allowing ease of access when needed, is among the most important needs of any business. IKEA offers you thousands of smart, low-cost storage and organisation solutions to save you space, time, and money.

Plan your storage system

Think of what you need to store in terms of size, weight, shape, and frequency of use. For instance, you can place things you need frequently in more accessible spots, while rarely used items can go on the upper shelves.

Obviously your storage needs will change in time

You may want to choose a system that is flexible enough to meet your needs as your business grows.

Expand the storage area

Use a flexible shelf system adaptable to your needs, capable of expanding your storage area when needed. For instance, when storing flat products, you can place shelves closer, or you can move the lower shelf up to fit boxes below it.

Store effectively

You can stack boxes up to the ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, you can use wall-mounted storage solutions for placement above the shelf units. This allows the boxes to be stored up to the ceiling, making maximum use of the space available, provided that you keep some stairs or a stool nearby.

Make product storage easier

Cabinet storage solutions based on shelves, rails, and hooks on wardrobe frames, or columns running from floor to the ceiling, will provide fantastic solutions in organising your inventory whenever you need to hang a few extra items!

Find it when you need it!

Good lighting in the back room will allow you to find what you need more quickly. Of course labels and transparent boxes will also help you easily find what you need.