Decoration Solutions

Decoration Solutions With IKEA, now it is very easy to change the atmosphere of your business and make an impression. You will have a hard time believing the huge change that, a little but smart decorative touch can make to your business. Such a small touch will not only make your customers feel more comfortable, but also help your business stand out among the crowd.

You can easily change the atmosphere of your business anytime you want, thanks to the affordable prices at IKEA.

Everything under IKEA's roof

IKEA offers everything you can think of, to help your walls give the desired impression: paintings, photo frames, textiles, mirrors and much more... The plants and vases will serve as building blocks in a refreshing and natural look in your spaces, while new cushion covers can bring a colorful touch to your workplace. You can create a wonderful atmosphere in just a few minutes using tea-lights and candle holders on your desks and reception desk.

Welcome the new season

Just adding a few details to reflect the season can show the vitality of your business, and help you stand out among the competition, while making your customers feel comfortable. At any time of the year, you can give your enterprise a new face using just some new decorative elements on the wall. New paintings and frames at very affordable prices will make a huge difference.

Time for green

Use house plants, flowers and decorative flower pots to breathe that extra inch of life into your workspace. Grouping certain plants may create a very impressive look. You can use these details to disguise those problematic areas you wish to hide from the eyes of your visitors, and to emphasise the best of your room. Asian bamboo is the symbol of luck and abundance. A vaseful of bamboo will bring a colorful and lively touch. Or you can perhaps surprise your guests with a vase of flowers in the bathroom.

Family friendly

At your business, create a space dedicated to children. By combining child-friendly furniture and toys with a vibrant carpet, show how much you care for the children of your guests. Of course you shouldn’t forget storage solutions for the toys.


Lighting is a most crucial element in terms of the look and function of any room. It is also a handy way of bringing warmth to your business and completing its decoration. You can use lighting as an effective detail to draw attention to works of art, or as a means of achieving an efficient atmosphere in waiting and meeting rooms. IKEA offers decorative and functional lighting solutions in a very wide range, to meet the needs of your business, at very affordable prices...

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