Conference and Waiting Area Solutions

Conference and Waiting Area Solutions If you have frequent meetings, comfortable seating areas, an enjoyable environment, and practical storage solutions will always be a good start for you. IKEA BUSINESS has hundreds of affordable ideas to make your meetings with customers or colleagues as efficient as possible.

Comfortable and relaxing

In waiting areas, using armchairs instead of sofas is a good idea. People feel more comfortable in a separate armchair, rather than sharing a sofa with others they don't know. Furthermore, armchairs or sofas grouped around a coffee table make your meetings more relaxed. Washable fabrics or wipe-able leather covers are always good choices for such areas.

Perhaps you don't have sufficient space?

If you don't have sufficient space, try to make the most optimal use of what you have. For instance, a bar leaning against a wall and high chairs could help. This will let you place four bar stools in a space which could take just two armchairs.

An interesting waiting area story

Offer people something to do while waiting! A board for current announcements is a good idea to share important information with your customers. The newspapers and magazines on the magazine shelves installed on the wall will not only allow your guests to have a more enjoyable time, but also keep your waiting area more organised. Furthermore, media, storage solutions, and other accessories for your waiting rooms are also available at IKEA stores...

Happy kids, happy adults

Furniture suitable for the height of the children and a kids area with toys and children's books will make guests with children more comfortable, and allow them to focus on the business. Keep in mind that you will also need a storage solution to keep the toys in.

Clothes and coats

Make sure that you have sufficient space for your customers' coats. If you host more than one customer at once, wall-mounted solutions will always give you more room, and ensure that the space looks tidier.

Clean and tidy toilets!

Clean and tidy toilets are important for everyone. Try placing a vase of flowers to add warmth and color. Enjoyable lighting and a closed trash bin are also among the musts.

Lively meetings

If your conference room is used for extended meetings, try chairs instead of standard conference room armchairs. Chairs allow people to adjust their sitting positions, and keep them comfortable and dynamic! Natural light is always the first choice, but you can use curtains or venetian blinds to keep light level under control. Don't forget to keep a tray full of glasses and water for everyone.

Organise your storage solutions

Another thing to remember is storage solutions in conference rooms. Having everything you need within arm's reach will mean less distraction for you prior to the meeting.

Closed storage solutions will always bring a more organised look to the room.