Hot Dishes

8 Piece Swedish Meatballs

Produced in Turkey by local suppliers, using only veal and adhering to a special recipe. Served with boiled or French Friess, special cream sauce, and lingonberry jam.

Salmon Plate

Delicious salmons imported from Norway, served with broccoli, boiled or French Friess, and special chive sauce.


Ezogelin, yayla, tomato soup etc., cooked and served daily.

Breakfast Plate


Eggs, grated mozzarella, tomatoes, dill, and salt.

Breakfast Plate (Weekends)

Breakfast menu includes cheddar, white cheese, olives, butter, honey, jam, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Turkish Bagels

Warm Turkish bagels (as an alternative to bread in the breakfast meal).

Honey and Cream

Smooth honey with cream.

Cheese Plate

A plate of rich cheeses, including Izmir brynza, string cheese, herby cheese, çeçil cheese, and bohça cheese, (with cucumbers, tomatoes, and green and black olives).

Layered Pastry with Cheese

Warm pastry (side dish in the breakfast meal).

Fermented Sausages and Potatoes

A must for any breakfast, cured sausages, served with French fries.

Grand Breakfast Plate ( Weekends )

Salami, calf bacon, braided cheese, cream cheese, cheddar, white cheese, black and green olives, butter, honey, jam, tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Dessert Menu


Almondy Cake with Chocolate

Almondy Cake


Cold Dishes

Shrimp Salad

Boiled shrimp, cherry tomatoes, greens, corn and red capia peppers.

Mediterranean Salad

White cheese, tomatoes, red cabbage, greens, corn, and red capia peppers.

Marinated Salmon Plate

Marinated salmon slices are served with lemon, salad and special salmon sauce.

Rokalı Cevizli Salata

Roka, iceberg marul, küp beyaz peynir, ceviz içi ve ayıklanmış nar.


Onion Rings

Savory fried onion rings next to your main dish.

Garlic Bread

Warm garlic bread as a snack to accompany your dish.


Tasty rice served with your main dish.

Cold Beverages

Cold Drinks

Fresh Fruit Juice

Quality fresh fruit juice all year round.

Kids Menus

Kids Menu Nuggets

Chicken nuggets served with mashed potatoes with vegetables and mixed vegetables.

Kids Menu Meatballs

Four Swedish meatballs, served with mashed potatoes with vegetables and mixed vegetables. Swedish meatballs are produced by local suppliers in Turkey.

Kids Menu Salmon

Half portion of salmon fillet, mashed potatoes with vegetables, served with mixed vegetables.

Hot Beverages

Hot Beverages

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