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Exit Café

Ice Cream

Ice cream in a cone.

Ice Cream with Chocolate Topping

Ice cream in a cup with chocolate topping.


Cured Sausage Sandwich + All You Can Drink

Cured sausage sandwich and all you can drink (soft drinks).

Cured Sausage Sandwich

Cured sausage baguette.

2 Piece Hotdogs + All You Can Drink

Special menu for our famished guests. 2 hotdogs and all you can drink (soft drinks).

Hotdog + All You Can Drink

Hotdog and all you can drink (soft drinks).

Double Hotdog

2 sausages in a bun for hotdog lovers who can’t get enough of sausages.


Delicious hotdog in a bun. Add as much ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard as you want.

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