Welcome to the world, little baby!


First baby on the way? We know babies can be overwhelming even before they come. Sleeping, feeding, changing, bathing and playing will become your everyday. Here’s our essential guide for what you need to welcome your baby with calm confidence.

IKEA Ideas- Dünyaya hoş geldin, minik bebek

Set up a safe, calm sleeping area.

By your bed or in another room, your baby needs a safe, calm sleeping area. An awning makes the area feel more like a nest or a nook. With our cribs that meet the strictest safety standards, you won’t worry (as much).

Create a feeding station.

Zamanınızın çoğu bebeğinizin beslenmesi ile geçecek. Tekerlekli bir servis arabası sizin için çok pratik You’ll have feeding time a lot. Aportable feeding station can help. Wherever you feed, you can roll along essentials like burp-friendly textiles, soft toys and water for you. A cozy spot on the sofa lets you share the moment with your partner (or lets baby lie for a bit). Natural light makes the moment even warmer.

Practice your one-hand grab.

Set up your changing area and practice reaching for everything with one hand, so you can always keep one hand on your baby. Choose an area that’s flat, soft, and has a cloth over it in case there’s a mess (there will be mess). Use space underneath for dirty laundry and rubbish, even dedicated bins or baskets. Put diapers, powder, cream, wipes and clean clothes above or beside the area.

Ready your anytime wash station.

There’s probably a baby photo of you being washed in the kitchen sink. Cute? Yes. Practical? Not so much. It’s better to create a dedicated wash station and store necessities like baby oil and soft towels nearby. Use lukewarm, room temperature water. Prevent slips and slides with a LÄTTSAM baby bath that has anti-slip protectors. And pamper yourself, too, with a comfy rug.

Make room for play.

Play time is important for all ages! Your baby will explore the world through play, so make a soft space for discovery. Contrasting colors, different textures, and unexpected sounds will stimulate and develop your baby’s senses as your baby makes sense of the world. Before you know it, baby gym will be gym class!