Shared bed, divided activities

A curtain dividing your bed in two halves enables different activities to go on side by side. On one side, quarters for sleep or relaxation. On the other, a complete home office: all you need hanging by the bedpost, directed light, cushions for back support and a bedside laptop stand.

A daytime lounge for relaxed comfort

Once a bedspread and a set of cushions are in place, a bed offers a perfectly cosy gathering spot for the family. Board games, study tools and more can be stored underneath, while the top can take the role of a miniature living room.

Put your feet on the table

Go with a distinctly different dinner table – and use your bed also for eating. Place a length of fabric as table cloth over a mattress protector to minimise spills. The rest of the bed works as both seating and, well, table decoration.

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