Home visit: Tips for entertaining in a small space


How do you pull off a gathering in a super small apartment? When we visited Yvet and her friends, she showed us how having no space for a dining table gave her the idea for a picnic in bed.

"I find that having a tiny home is much nicer for entertaining. The best thing is that wherever we get comfy, we’re never far from each other,"

Try a bed picnic.

It sounds unconventional, but it’s actually very cosy! A double bed provides plenty of space for a few friends to lounge. To create a set-up that’s practical, use a throw as a picnic blanket to catch crumbs and protect the bedlinen. Prop pillows up against the wall for extra comfort.

Add side table service.

Without a flat surface it’s not easy keep glasses topped up. Instead, move a side table alongside the bed so that drinks are always close at hand. Yvet’s BURVIK table is usually for her bedside essentials, but because it’s lightweight and designed with a handle, it makes for the perfect portable drinks station.

Serve up relaxed style.

Arrange food on large chopping boards and serving stands instead of lots of plates. Not only does it mean fewer trips from the kitchen, the rustic wood adds points for presentation (without having to make too much effort!).