The tidy entrance: Get your shoes in order


Nothing ruins the first impression of a home like a cluttered mess in the entrance. So regain some control! Here are a few ways to give your shoes their own space, keep things tidy, and give your home a style boost all at once.

1. Small entrances call for big ideas.
If you don’t have much space to work with, use your walls. Shallow shoe stands, hooks, rails, and hanging baskets and organisers can hold everything from your shoes to outerwear like hats.

2. You don’t have to share everything just because you’re a family.
Add storage units to your entrance, one for everyone. The adjustable shelves can be adapted to flats, heels and tall boots, while a more shallow shoe cabinet between them is perfect for sandals and slimmer shoes.

3. Keeping kids tidy is no easy feat.
Make it as simple as possible with a few storage boxes on wheels (with easy-to-clean plastic boxes inside) that can be hidden under comfortable benches. Give them their own hooks decorated to look like trees, and then hang some for yourself. For your own shoes, stack a couple closed storage units with adjustable shelving for a clean look.


IKEA Ideas - The tidy entrance- get your shoes in order

4. Go ahead, show off a little.
For the true shoe collector, keeping certain pairs hidden feels so wrong. Hang some open cabinets for your most prized pairs, and compliment with a few closed storage units for your knockabout kicks.

5. Bazı ayakkabıları kirlenmekten alıkoyamazsınız.
Ayarlanabilir rafları olan metal ayakkabılıklar, ıslak ve çamurlu çizmeler ve botlar için idealdir. Ayakkabılığın altına paspas koyarak yerinizi temiz tutabilirsiniz. Üst rafa da hemen kaybolabilecek anahtar gibi küçük eşyalarınız için kutular ve sepetler yerleştirebilirisiniz.

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