IKEA Ideas - The surprise bring-along breakfast

Preparing a pyramidal success

With most of the work done in advance, everyone can still enjoy a slow morning. Prepare delicacies like your favorite smoothie, ginger shots and overnight oats the day before. Load everything on a trolley and roll it to your destination. (Use an s-hook to hang your coffee thermos and you won’t spill a single precious drop.)

IKEA Ideas - The surprise bring-along breakfast

Let the table setting unfold.

To reduce morning hassles even further, bring the tableware along wrapped in a tablecloth. Fold it out, let flowers top off the setting and you’re ready to eat.

Breakfast boxes for all

Serving the food and drink in personal boxes – complete with a vitamin boost from a RIMFORSA glass tube – adds a stately finishing touch. A good morning, indeed.

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