IKEA Ideas - The perfect new-to-school desk

The most essential element of any desk, whether it’s for kids or adults, is smart organization. They’ll be spending a ton of time here reading, learning their numbers, exploring new ideas and using their imagination. Create a space that makes it easy to focus on one thing at a time. TROFAST stores their schoolwork, artwork and papers that need to be recycled.

IKEA Ideas - The perfect new-to-school desk

Comfort is totally key. Make sure you have a good direct light to focus on the desktop, as well as some mood lighting. A sturdy and ergonomically correct chair is also a must. And don’t forget a seat for yourself. We chose this step stool since it can be used to reach things on the shelves.

Drawer organisers keep their desk essentials tidy, overhead shelves are perfect for notebooks and books, and a magnet board can be used to post their schedules and certificates they’ve earned.

IKEA Ideas - The perfect new-to-school desk

It’s not all work, work, work! Creative endeavours need space, too. Martina mounted a curtain rod to the wall and added curtain rings with clips to hang a small basket for organising (you could also display artwork here). The rod is a perfect place to hang a roll of paper and keeps the desktop free of clutter. And the desk pad keeps the desk protected from paint and scratches.

“I love to do art projects, so I asked my mom to make a desk with lots of space for my arts and crafts supplies.”
Greta, 7 years old

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