General lighting: the very first layer

Not unlike a kind smile, this first category is what (very literally) lights up the whole room – most often achieved with ceiling-hung pendant lamps. These lighting fixtures are often on the larger side, and so can really enhance the style of your interior. One great idea? Play around with plurals. In this longer hallway, for example, three pendant lamps hang in a row, guiding your eye into the room. If you’d like different levels of brightness for different times of day, this is where wireless LED bulbs can really lend a helping hand.

Functional lighting: for where you really need it

The name gives it away: this is purpose-serving light that helps with specific activities around the house. You can use these lights to brighten up your desk or favourite reading chair, but also for things like highlighting collections or peering into the dark, hidden depths of your wardrobe. Look, there’s that sweater you last saw two years ago! Floor lamps and table lamps are great, but if free space is hard to come by, this home shows that you can also put your walls and ceiling to work.

Ambient lighting: now it really feels like home

Think of this softer, warmer lighting as the final cherry on top; filling in the gaps between other light sources to create a really cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Table lights, fairy lights, LED tea lights... the list goes on. This is also where naked bulbs are best applied as – without a lamp shade – the bulbs can be harsh to look at when lit brightly for more functional purposes.

Switch on your home's style

Black and white lamps lend themselves brilliantly to this home’s punchy black and white palette. Take a look at the colours and textures of your home, and keep them in mind when picking out your light fixtures.

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