The bare essentials for a flexible living room


Decorating your first living room on a budget can be challenging. But it’s possible! Here’s how to furnish a flexible and functional small space with just three pieces of furniture.

We chose multipurpose furniture to make a small living room feel flexible and comfortable. This rustic sofa seats you and several, too. It doubles as storage with built-in shelves and an airy wire frame. Just add hooks to hang personal items.

TINGBY side table comes with castors and can be moved out of the way or rolled from house to house. Extra cushions and a rug add a soft touch to the living room — and make comfy floor seating. Store the cushions in a sturdy carrier bag when you’re not using them.

Finally, we lightened the mood with an adjustable lamp. The light doesn’t take up floor space, making more room for activities (and parties).