Super stylish home office secrets


Using one room for two different activities is one of the recent trends. Here we liked how this home office space turned out, so we asked our stylist for her 3 top tips to to make a stylish work space in any home.

IKEA Ideas - Super stylish home office secrets

Stick to a color palette

Here we chose, black and white colours and natural materials like wood to give a classic, established look. By sticking to strong basics you get a much longer lasting style too.

Show off your work history.

Don’t hide your work away, display it! Even if you’re not working with vintage drafting tools and antique cameras, take some inspiration from your professions glory days to create a display that shows off your work and sense of style. A good way to work on displays is to make a backdrop on the wall behind using pictures of different sizes, then, stack books and boxes in front to make some height with smaller signature pieces sitting on top, like a camera for example.

Make your desk a feature.

And, put it right in the middle of the room. That way it becomes a centrepiece and you can use it for your hobbies when you’re not working.