Summer’s here! Now we celebrate.


Summers in Sweden don’t last for long. So on the longest day of the year, when the sun barely manages to set, we make it count by celebrating Midsummer. But anyone can be part of this beloved holiday, and you certainly don’t need to do it exactly the way we do. Be inspired by summer and then go party.

IKEA Ideas - Summer’s here! Now we celebrate.

Infuse a table setting with lots of flowers and greenery. A few vases of bright blooms, and flower blossoms tied to wine glass stems and your cloth napkins and flatware. This season calls for rustic elegance, so forget about formality when it comes to your table linens. If you don’t have the right size tablecloth, grab some metre fabric instead. Cloth napkins get a charming touch with frayed edges; just rip squares from white fabric and fray the edges as much as you like. And don’t forget seat cushions! You’ll be lounging around all day long, so get comfortable.

Flower crowns are synonymous with summer. Luckily, they’re easy to create. Here’s how:Start with a bunch of long-stemmed flowers and greenery and remove any thorns and excess leaves from the stems. Then gather a few groups together with thin wire. Stagger your groups and tie them together with wire to create a chain long enough to create a crown the right size for your head. Fasten the ends together and secure the wire. Now wear it with pride.

IKEA Ideas - Summer’s here! Now we celebrate.

Summer’s first strawberries make their appearance this time of year, so take advantage of them with a strawberry and cream cake. It’s delicious, easy to prepare, and 100% essential.

Lastly, don’t forget the smaller touches that make your party run smoother. Keep some umbrellas nearby for possible showers, and some blankets for the evening chill.

IKEA Ideas - Summer’s here! Now we celebrate.

Cut down on trips in and out of the kitchen by placing serving plates of food and condiments in large, handled boxes (also great for taking dirty dishes into the house in one go), and tie a bucket filled with ice and bottled drinks to your dock. They’ll stay frosty in the water all day. And of course, a small portable grill makes it easy to cook up more delicious bites whenever and wherever you want.