The clothes-rack life hack

A clothes rack keeps your clothes organised, well-aired and in good nick, and makes it easy to choose what to wear. Also, castors make it perfect for moving around – or moving to a new apartment, for that matter.

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Living in a box

Sturdy, see-through boxes are perfect for keeping all your belongings packed, but still accessible. Find what you want by just looking at them. Being stackable, they're also ideal for a height-adjustable workstation.

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Quick fix for more clothes storage

Short of wardrobe space? These zip cases in durable synthetic fabric make it easy to keep clothes, bedlinen and towels handy – and they are compact enough to easily stow away under a bed, or on top of a cupboard.

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Shoe racks for a tidy hallway

Shoes all over the floor make coming and going more difficult and dangerous. Stop your clogs from clogging up the space with this foldable, stackable shoe rack. It sets up in seconds and holds three pairs – or six, or nine. Tuck in three more underneath.

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Ideas - Home 3 - Hareketli bir yaşam için saklama çözümleri

A bag for a full day out

This spacious tote bag has many compartments, so it’s no trouble bringing a laptop, training gear, lunch box and whatever else you need for the day. Carry it any way you like – as a backpack, on the shoulder or in the hand.

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Ideas for living with roommates

Ideas - Home 3 - Hareketli bir yaşam için saklama çözümleri

How to get me-time in a shared space

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