Starting school essentials: Get your home ready for school


It’s a big moment! Your special little one is starting school and a whole new chapter of life is opening up. For the first time they’ll have homework to do, things to organise, all while finding their personality, too. You might not be able to follow them to the classroom, but here’s 4 tips we think will help them along at home.

IKEA Ideas- Get your home ready for school
The getting-ready place

Starting school brings home lots of new activities – and lots of stuff to go along with it. To help kids get organised easier, a good idea is to put together a getting ready space by your front door. Think about setting it up with low, easy-to-reach hooks for bags and coats, a spot to put on and store shoes and chest of drawers to catch extra gear like sports things, keys or extra clothes.

A pinnable weekly organiser

School’s one of the first times that kids are introduced to the world of organisation. To help keep track of assignments and activities it’s a good idea to set up a weekly organiser where kids can write, draw or pin their activities for each day. And you might find it just as handy to keep track of all of those after school activity pick-ups and drop-offs, too.

The homework space

Making a good space to do homework is a must. Think of putting together a study space that combines a comfortable chair and a child-sized desk to work at. Be sure also to include a good light, storage for stationery within easy reach and to have enough storage space for books so that the desk has a clean open space to work at. Don’t have room for a desk? The kitchen table works fine, just keep in mind the points above.

The imagination tent

After all the organising and activities, it’s just as important that kids have a place that they can relax and unwind and entertain themselves. A calm space to hang out in at the end of the day doesn’t just help to recharge from busy new school routines, but also helps kids sleep better as well. Any comfy corner will do, but we love interior designer Emma’s idea to make your own indoor tipi.