Smart sleep space

Flexibility is key with small spaces, so try looking beyond the bedroom department for multifunctional furnishings. "I used small coffee tables as bedside tables," says Kristina. "They’re easy to stack and move around." The TERTIAL lamp can be turned upwards for soft, reflected light, or pointed downwards for directional lighting to aid reading in the armchair.

Better bathroom

Open-backed furniture gives a lighter feel to the bathroom’s traditional style. "The HEMNES bench doesn’t take up much space, but it’s packed with storage."’ says Kristina. "Bathrooms can look a bit cold, with lots of hard surfaces, so we used humidity-loving plants to bring it to life. They also work as a natural screen for privacy around the window, rather than blocking the light with blinds."

IKEA Ideas -  Space planning for a new life in an old house

Store and display.

With open storage you can see what you have, so you can avoid re-buying things you already own. "It’s about living more consciously and not over-consuming," says Kristina. "Rails and hooks add extra storage without taking up any floor space, perfect for keeping jewellery or accessories in order. Seeing them on view will remind you to wear them more often."

“Space downstairs is limited, so the outdoor space is used in a smart way to extend the living area. The line between indoors and outside has been pleasantly blurred.”

Storage to suit you

A modular HAVSTA system fulfils three needs in one unit. "The section closest to the garden holds things used indoors and out, while glasses and crockery are protected from dust by glass doors in the middle section," says Kristina. Books, stationery and paperwork are kept at the other end within easy reach of the dining table, which is used for working and household admin.

IKEA Ideas -  Space planning for a new life in an old house

“We moved some functions outside to save precious space indoors. So the garden has a larger table for hosting friends and family.”

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