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IKEA Ideas - Space for everything in your life
IKEA Ideas - Space for everything in your life

All the things you need in one spot

During the day, the FLOTTEBO makes an ideal lounge area for eating, socialising, knitting, or enjoying your favourite hobbies. The loose cushions can be positioned anywhere on the sofa, whether you want to sit back and relax with a friend, kick up your feet up, or lie back for an afternoon of alone time. The swiveling side table becomes a covenient spot for remote controls, laptops, or an instant bedside stand.

Your private sleeping quarters, too

During the evening, this versatile and multifunctional sofa bed quickly transforms into a comfy bed. The roomy under bed storage has plenty of space for overnight pillows and sheets. There’s even more storage underneath the bed that keeps your things organized and out-of-sight from unexpected guests. So your knitting supplies, sewing basket, and even your “night-time box” with eye mask, headphones, and late-night snacks are hidden and within reach.

IKEA Ideas - Space for everything in your life
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