IKEA Ideas - 7 ideas for being more organised at home

Use closed storage to your advantage

Too much clutter in the living room can make it hard for us to relax. So, on an open bookshelf, try mixing in shelf inserts and boxes to hide away small or messy things that you need but don’t want to see.

Get creative with storage for small spaces

Shrinking homes with little dedicated storage mean we need to keep adapting our storage solutions. Every nook is an opportunity! Here, wall-mounted shelving, a trolley on wheels and different-sized baskets make the most of an awkward space. Choose storage that makes it easy for kids to show off their favourite things. Open bookshelves and picture ledges are ideal for story lovers – and an easy way for them to change the look of their room by choosing what to display. Create a cozy reading nook for little bookworms by adding a large cushion or mattress and throw pillows next to the shelves.

Use your doors to store

We feel most at ease with guests in our kitchen when it’s tidy. Rails and hooks are a great way to boost storage and organisation – try thinking beyond your wall space and put your doors to work too.

Embrace open storage

Many of us would benefit from homes that are clutter-free but filled with things we love. Resist the temptation to hide everything in boxes – organised open storage can make it easier to find what we love and use often.

Streamline your hallway

It takes most of us well over an hour to leave the home after waking up. A handy hallway shelf (here the brackets have been painted white and hooks have been added underneath) might just make getting out the door a bit easier. Coat, bag, scarf? Check.

IKEA Ideas - 7 ideas for being more organised at home

Combat cabinet clutter

Storage boxes with handles are perfect for organising a cleaning cabinet. Not only will you tackle a problem area, you may also boost your wellbeing – the act of cleaning and tidying can promote a feeling of mental presence.

Hang your outfits

Did you know that 58% of Shanghainese pick out clothes for the following morning the evening before? An open hanging rail may be just the thing you need to make your morning dressing routine run more smoothly.

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