Share the kitchen with the kids


Henrik and his daughter, Ida (six), love cooking together at home. Step into their kitchen in Sweden to see how a few simple additions make it easy and safe for little ones to have fun helping out.

Plan a kitchen for big and little chefs.

Create a kitchen where kids can feel confident and involved. The PATRULL Series includes lots of easy ways to make it a safe place for kids to explore new things and be curious, from fingerguards for drawers to anti-slip strips. “Ida enjoys learning by doing things together, so we stay side by side when we cook or bake, each doing our bit,” says Henrik. “It’s fun and means it’s easy for me to show her more serious things like how to be safe in the kitchen.”

IKEA Ideas - Share the kitchen with the kids

5 top tips for cooking with kids

1. Equip your kitchen.
Add kids’ utensils, cookware and crockery to make it their kitchen too – and so that they can get involved in lots of different ways, from washing vegetables to rolling out dough. A step stool is an essential item, and it comes in handy for adults too.

2. Make a safe place.
Make your kitchen a safe place to experiment and have fun, with simple additions from the PATRULL range, like anti-slip strips on a step stool and corner bumps on any sharp work surface edges. Keep the really grown-up kitchen tools in a latched drawer, away from little hands.

3. Take your time.
Pressurized kitchens are for chefs – when cooking with kids, take it slow and let them enjoy experimenting with new foods and flavors. Kids will learn much more about cooking if you have plenty of time to make mistakes and maybe some mess together.

4. Follow a recipe together.
Help children learn how to use a recipe. Show them where all the listed ingredients live, whether that’s the fridge or a store cupboard, then work together to weigh the different textures and quantities out into bowls.

5. Team up to clean up.
Cleaning up isn’t a chore in kids’ eyes – it’s just another group activity. Get children engaged by showing them how to do each step, from wiping up spilled flour to boxing up the treats you’ve made. Put labels and illustrations on recycling boxes so that everyone knows what goes where.

IKEA Ideas - Share the kitchen with the kids

“For children, family time has little to do with big gestures. For them, being together, doing ordinary, everyday activities is what matters. Here are three ideas to get you started in the kitchen...”