Recycled party decorations for the new year


Light chains, garland, baubles, gift wrap and boxes—put them to work in new ways for your New Year’s Eve party decorations.

IKEA Ideas - Recycled party decorations

1. Deck the walls with lights and garland.

Use a light chain or two to put up ‘Happy New Year’ or your new year mantra. Straight pins, nails or removable tape can help you plan things out. Wrap the lights into shiny garland, so the text will pop whether the lights are on or off.

IKEA Ideas - Recycled party decorations

2. Craft a rosette backdrop from gift wrap.

Cut paper and fold it accordion style. Then fold it in half to find/mark the middle. Tape around the middle. Extend the ends to meet. Staple together. For impact, vary the sizes and paper designs. Put them up as a backdrop along with sparkly gift tags.

IKEA Ideas - Recycled party decorations
IKEA Ideas - Recycled party decorations

3. Set the table with baubles and empty boxes.

Save gift boxes and packaging. Leave the boxes as-is or paint/wrap them to your party colours. Cutting holes in the packages will hide the hangers. Got lots of baubles? Stick them all together for a centrepiece!

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