Start fresh, stay fresh.

When you’re straining your brain the last thing you want to do is strain your back or your eyes. A height-adjustable swivel chair with built-in lumbar support ensures that you sit comfortably at all times. Add a seat pad for even more comfort!. And the right lighting will make work easier, no matter the time of day, and help keep you feeling fresh and those ideas flowing.

Movable storage with labelled drawers makes it easy to reach, organise and find your things. And because it’s on wheels, it’s easier to share.

NYMÅNE floor lamp provides spot-on lighting right where you want it (without taking up space on your table!).

IKEA - Ideas - Put the “we” back in working “week”

The right lighting can make all the difference! Discrete spotlights under your shelves will keep your ideas and inspiration in focus.

Simple, social and super affordable.

All you need to turn a bit of empty floor space into a productive workspace is a table top, some legs, a storage unit and a few chairs. And not only do these chairs and seat pads give you heightadjustable comfort, they also add a splash of colour.

Don’t let the walls go to waste

Walls aren’t just walls - they’re potential storage too! EKET wallmounted storage lets you create the solution that suits you and will help you get - and stay - organised. You can even create a space for each family member.

Put what’s on your mind on the wall

You’re a busy person with a lot to think about, which means it casn be hard to remember everything. But never fear, SVENSÅS pegboard with letters will remind you of those important details and even let you pass on small messages.

From corner to creative space

Need somewhere to get creative? Look no further than your closest corner. A few simple things from IKEA can turn a neglected space into a productive, organised workspace.

Sit down, but keep moving.

We’re built to move, which means sitting for long periods is bad for us. But what if you could do both things at once? With LIDKULLEN sit/stand support you can. A smart mechanism keeps your body in constant motion, strengthens muscles and the spine – and gives you a naturally healthy posture.

Free your desk, free your mind.

When desk space is at a premium, the last thing you need is stuff lying around. A few simple shelves and organisers will get things out of the way, and make them easier to find.

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