Build it your way PLATSA has frames in different sizes that can be combined to make a tailored solution anywhere in the home. Stack and slot them to fit under sloping eaves, build them up horizontally to make the most of high ceilings, or arrange in a long, low row to create a cosy reading corner. The possibilities are endless.

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Flexible modules, easy to assemble "All you need are your hands," says product developer Freddy Kramer. The dowel mechanism means you simply click and slide the pieces together – no tools required! "Today, our needs don’t stay the same – we move more often, maybe share a home at times, and live in smaller spaces," says Freddy. "If you’re moving, it’s just as easy to take the frames apart."

Store or display? You decide You can keep clothes and belongings out of sight by adding doors to your PLATSA, or complete it with shelves or wire baskets. If you want to keep things organised then the new STUK storage range of zip-up boxes and clothes accessories fit neatly inside. And even the exterior can be used to maximise space: ‘Place hooks on the outside, or a rail between two frames,’ suggests Freddy.

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