Plan a family-friendly hallway.


"In our home, the hallway is a point of potential chaos," says stylist Sam Grigg. "Designing it for everyone means that even smaller children can organise themselves, so daily routines run more smoothly."

"The hallway is usually the first area you see when you come home – an orderly and welcoming space creates an instant feeling of calm."

IKEA Ideas - Plan a family-friendly hallway.
IKEA Ideas - Plan a family-friendly hallway.

"Wall-mounted storage cabinets can seem to make stuff 'disappear'. Use their heights to dictate which ones belong to which person, but you could try color-coding or labelling if you wanted to create a brighter, more playful option."

"Coat stands can pack a lot of storage into a small, vertical space. You don’t have to limit them to coats – think hats, bags and scarves too. This one can even store umbrellas in the lower part of the base."

"These cabinets are shallow, so they don’t take up much space but they hold a lot. The tops are recessed too, which makes them a great 'landing strip' for keys and small items."

IKEA Ideas - Plan a family-friendly hallway.