Outdoor activities for kids


Playing, painting, eating, reading. We came up with four easy ways to bring these activities outdoors, so the whole family can spend quality time laughing and relaxing under the sun.

1. Planting station:

Our interior designer Gen’s daughter and her friend went straight for the dirt in a box! The plastic outdoor table and stools were just the right height and easy to rinse off. The girls could bring home a plant in a pot and tend to it on rainy days, too.

2. Reading house:

Kids love to copy grown-ups, so why not make a spot for them to read and relax, just like adults? A painted house backdrop is a cozy, dedicated spot for calm time, especially with some children’s easy chairs.

IKEA Ideas - Outdoor activities for kids
IKEA Ideas - Outdoor activities for kids
IKEA Ideas - Outdoor activities for kids

3. Tablecloth town

For table entertainment, how about a mealtime map from fabric? Kids can help set the table because we stitched to show where cutlery and plates go. A fleece throw can be cut into strips and sewn on as roads. Picnic time? It’d work for that, too.

4. Art wall:

Chalk and paint easily unlock kids’ creativity. So we made an art wall from MDF and blackboard paint where they can get inspired. A rail and containers hold supplies, so it’s all easy to take indoors when the art’s done.