Organise the toys with smart storage


Sort and store the little ones’ clothes, bathroom playthings and toys with these three easy tips. Who knows, keeping their things tidy might even encourage them to do some sorting of their own!

IKEA Ideas - Organise the toys with smart storage

1. Simplify tidying after bath time.

Rather than leaving the kids’ stuff to dry in the bathtub and then putting it away, save time by collecting toys in a see-through mesh bag. Just hang it up and everything will be dry and ready to go tomorrow night.

IKEA Ideas - Organise the toys with smart storage

2. Help the kids get ready with easy access storage.

Put racks at the right height so they can grab their own coats. Give them space to display their treasures in a doll’s house (we personalised ours with wallpaper). Shoes stay organised on floor level knobs.

3. Let the kids play freely in the living room.

Then reclaim your adult space by putting toys into different-sized boxes. Try adding some inserts to keep smaller bits and pieces in order. When tidying up is this easy maybe the little ones will want to help out too.