A cot that can grow with your child is both a cost- and environmentally conscious choice. SUNDVIK can be placed in two different heights, and one cot side can be removed.

Mount a bed canopy above the cot so your child can relax in a cosy atmosphere when it's time to sleep. RÖDHAKE filters the light, and since it's made from recycled polyester, it's a good environmental choice too.

IKEA Ideas - Once upon a time, there was a dreamy children's room

KLAPPA is a safe and fun toy that is ready to be shaken, bitten and chewed on, and its low rattling sound is suitable for the small and sensitive ears of your child.

IKEA Ideas - Once upon a time, there was a dreamy children's room

A wardrobe with a spacious drawer at the bottom, like SUNDVIK, has room for both the children's clothes and toys. And since the drawer is at the bottom of the wardrobe, children can easily both take and put back their toys on their own.

Give your child a nostalgic toy that is just as fun today! EKORRE rocking-moose helps your child develop and improve balance, and its robust construction will last for many years.

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