Tips for organising a compact kitchen


Justin planned his small kitchen so he has everything he needs close to hand and friends are able to help themselves too. "The key is a mix of space-saving storage, considered organisation and good lighting," he says. Here, he shares his tips with us.

IKEA Ideas - Tips for organising a compact kitchen

Add flexible counterspace.

Think beyond the kitchen with a versatile shelf just outside. "One person can work while another cooks," says Justin. "I also use it to serve snacks for guests."

Light up your work area.

Add lights over the worktops you use most, with extra task lighting as needed. "The area next to the sink is where I do the most chopping," says Justin.

Store utensils in plain sight.

Use wall-mounted storage to keep tools close and easy to find near cook and prep areas. "This way I save space, eliminating the need for drawers," says Justin.

"Organisation is important in a kitchen. I’m happy that when friends visit they comment on how well ordered everything is."

IKEA Ideas - Tips for organising a compact kitchen

Hang favorite ingredients.

Keep frequent flavours to hand. "Being able to find essentials quickly saves time and makes cooking feel more spontaneous," adds Justin.

Drain your dishes.

Dedicate space to whatever makes your daily routines easier. "Having a drainer was important to me," says Justin. "I don’t like wasting time drying the dishes."

Keep dinnerware in the open.

Make it easy for guests to set the table or prepare food with open storage. "In China the kitchen is usually a private space, but I want mine to be open," says Justin.

IKEA Ideas - Tips for organising a compact kitchen

"I love to spend time in the kitchen. Even though the space is small, it’s an enjoyable place to be, whether I’m cooking or working."