IKEA Ideas - More rest, less stress

A staycation at home with the perfect bed!

IKEA Ideas - More rest, less stress

Find your perfect mattress and have that hotel room feeling every night of the week. With a perfect mattress to suit you, and a beautiful bedframe, you'll never want to leave.



Your essentials in easy reach

Being comfortable means having a glass of water within easy reach, your book close to hand before bed and your glasses right by your side when you wake up. A side table is your beds best friend.

Bedside tables

Layer up the linens

IKEA Ideas - More rest, less stress

IKEA bed textiles are made from sustainable materials that are chemical free, meaning they're good for your skin and good for the environment.


Blankets & throws

Comfort essentials for your bedroom

Quilts and pillows for your bed, extra cushions to snuggle into and curtains to block out the sunshine are all you need for a little extra comfort in your bedroom.

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