Making open-plan feel like outdoors


When Margo’s family moved into their 100 m2 apartment in Gliwice, she decided to paint the walls and floors bright white and break up the space with fresh, green plants in every room. “I love how indoor plants add color and life to our minimalist home – they’re constantly changing, so our home is too!” says Margo.

IKEA Ideas - Making open-plan feel like outdoors

Margo and Krzysztof’s home truths

Our home is... where we work, play and relax together.
There are six of us... Margo, Krzysztof, Bruno (9), Siamese cats Focus and Fusia, and Amelia, the pigmy hedgehog.
Our previous home... was decorated with much more color, but now I prefer using indoor plants to bring our apartment to life.

Try using every level of the kitchen for display and storage. In Margo’s home, even the tops of the cabinets have become a plant shelf. She chose white doors, dark worktops and even monochrome artwork in the kitchen, so all her plants really stand out.

One room to grow, cook and eat in

Margo and Krzysztof moved the kitchen from a much smaller room – now Bruno’s bedroom – into the main living area. They use one worktop as a kitchen island, to create a multipurpose space that the whole family can share. “We all gather around to cook, eat or study – and there’s plenty of light for my indoor plants!” says Margo. “We don’t have curtains at any of the windows, to make the most of the sunlight.”

“I love watching plants change and grow in our home – and they’re an easy way to give each room an update as the seasons change.”


Let old meet new

“We’re lucky to have inherited a few antiques from our grandparents,” says Margo. “They bring our family’s heritage into our home and, alongside all the modern pieces, they really come to life.” Margo’s favorite piece of modern-day design is the SPRUTT drawers: “I’ve made them unique by adding number labels, so now I know exactly which pencils, brushes and paints live behind each one.”


“With a picture rail just above the bed, we can easily swap the artwork around whenever we feel like it.”

IKEA Ideas - Making open-plan feel like outdoors

Help your kids to create a space they will love.

Bruno picked out all the furniture and bedlinen for his room. He really enjoys arts and crafts, so Margo set up an art station at his desk to make it easy to get creative. “Bruno does most of his homework in the living room with me, but he loves having his own desk in his bedroom for painting and drawing. My favorite thing about his room is all the storage – it encourages him to keep it tidy!” says Margo.