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İyi Fikirler - Spontane bir bahçe partisi düzenleyin.

A longer-lasting gift basket

Food is a reliable recipe for appreciated gifts. Even better, make the food yourself.

Gifts working overtime

KORKEN jars and a PLEJA wire basket will do a great job as containers of edible gifts. And keep serving long after the last bite.

No gift boxes needed

Assembling a kit connected by a theme makes for a thoughtful gift. Especially...

Beautifully unboxed

... if the present, like here, can become its own package.

Gift wrapping that keeps on giving

A kitchen towel is ideal for wrapping presents. Theme it with what’s inside – or don’t.

A gift in itself

Either way, it will add to the gift, look great and save waste.

İyi Fikirler - Spontane bir bahçe partisi düzenleyin.
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