A day at the beach, at home

Turn your balcony into a getaway with seafront feeling. A lazy spot to spend all day. And night, for that matter. With a little preparation – covering the floor with sand is optional – your beach holiday is more within reach than ever.

The ideal blend of indoors and out

Soften the line between outside and in to form your own comfort cocoon. A draping shower curtain creates calm and seclusion, even some weather protection. Add some greenery – or a lot – to complete your nook for perfectly relaxed summer days.

IKEA Ideas - Living slow on the balcony

Long days, slow cooking

Summer and outdoor cooking is a great match. A balcony kitchen takes little more than the basic necessities. Worktop, shelves, utensils, an induction hob just in case. Voila! You’re perfectly prepared for the season’s light cuisine.

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