Have fun with your lighting. If you love colour, play with it! We visited Toni’s home, where colour made her happy. She picked lights that did the tasks she needed and added personality.

Beautifully controlled lighting

Dimmable light is a simple but effective idea. Change the mood of a room, from energised to relaxed, at the turn of a switch. Being able to do that by remote control used to be super expensive, but the beauty of the TRÅDFRI smart lighting range is that it’s affordable and easy to use – just swap to TRADFRI bulbs and use the remote to control them!

The key to good task lighting is matching it to how you use a room: a spotlight above a worktop makes food prep easier; a moveable work lamp means light is directed where it’s needed.

Think about the details. From the material and the way it casts light round a room, to being able to solve everyday niggles like a late-night reader sleeping next to an early riser! Use your lights to direct how people interact with your space. A floor lamp makes a corner a cosy place to read while guests will lean into a cluster of tables when lit by low-hanging light.

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