Leafy craft ideas for kids


What do you get when you cross a handful of fallen leaves with some crafty fingers? In this case some super fun decorations. We’ve been hosting our editor Linda’s young family in the Ideas lab to test out different craft activities that are fun for parents and kids to do together. Come see the results and try for yourself.

Çocuklar için yapraklarla yapılabilecek aktivite fikirleri

Leafy crowns

Letting kids be creative, celebrating the season and using things from nature are three big ticks in our book, but I think we like this idea most because it’s just fun. Just collect a handful of leaves (it’s best with some different sizes and colours) use a strip of paper to make a crown and then start building some height with leaves and tape in place.

IKEA IDEAS - Leafy craft ideas for kids

Natural masks

Once the kids had mastered the leafy crowns, they moved on to masks. To make them, a big leaf or a couple of smaller leaves work fine, just cut holes to look out of, add some paint if you like and use the stem to hold it up.

IKEA IDEAS - Leafy craft ideas for kids

“I loved hiding behind all the leaves. It really became a mask.”


IKEA IDEAS - Leafy craft ideas for kids

...Or up on the wall

Our last craft was making wall decorations out of our autumn leaves. For this one, we hung a big piece of paper on the wall then let the kids stick on leaves in different patterns. With some of the kids drawings as well we think it turned out to be fun winter wall decoration.

IKEA IDEAS - Leafy craft ideas for kids
IKEA IDEAS - Leafy craft ideas for kids