The same but different

Matching armchairs in just the right size mean the grown-ups and the yet-to-grow-ups can enjoy quality time together. And don’t forget the reading lamps.

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Invisible heroes that keep the fun flowing

When the kids are around things can get fast and furious, but slamming doors and sliding rugs can really spoil the fun. Door stops and anti-slip underlays will let the kids enjoy the thrills but avoid the spills.

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Style, storage and safety

The furniture you choose not only affects the look and function of a room, it can also make it more or less kid-friendly. A table like this is a good choice because it has a lip around the tray to prevent things getting knocked off and also has rounded, bump-friendly edges. Add in the extra storage and light, airy look, and you have a winner all round.

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Tucked away but ready for action

Just because you love having the kids around doesn’t mean you want the living room to look like a kindergarten. Hidden storage like this will help keep toys out of sight when they’re not being used. For extra tidiness, fit them with boxes in various sizes. Easy to lift out and easy to put away, they’ll make playtime – and tidying up – a little bit more fun.

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A safe design statement

Combining several cord sets with decorative lamps at different heights lets you create your own personal lighting design. Here, even though the cords’ lengths are staggered, each one is high enough off the ground to prevent curious small hands getting hold of them.

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Customised kid-friendly storage and display

Choosing a storage system instead of stand-alone pieces of furniture lets you create the solution that’s perfect for you, your room and your family. Here, glass-doored cabinets have been mounted on the wall to create a display unit. This lets you show off your favourite things while keeping them safely out of reach. Integrated lighting adds warmth and creates a focal point (at least when the TV is off). The lower unit combines open storage for media devices and frequently used things while the doors hide the messy stuff.

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