Your hydroponic hanging garden

Arrange a garden of cuttings with the help of a coat stand. With hanging clear vases – or RIMFORSA tube-shaped glasses – it may well pass for a piece of art. Even better, you can follow the progress of your baby plants in fascinating detail.

Spice up your spice rack

If you have limited space, use a shelving unit and stack your plants high. If you have trouble choosing what to grow – pick a theme! Like tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic and coriander. Voila! Your very own vertical salsa garden.

A takeaway home garden

Make it super simple – let your miniature garden grow from the bag you brought it home in. Create a hanging planter using our sturdy, waterproof FRAKTA carrier bag. (Beware of leaking imitations.)

Your nanosize greenhouse

Share the magic of seeing a plant sprout from a seed. Arrange a decorative plant nursery for the whole family by laying damp cotton balls and seeds of your choice – bean, pea or kernel – in taped-up plastic bags (made from renewable material).

Ideas - It’s the season for planting kits!

No green fingers? No problems!

Growing plants may not be for everyone. But even then, we have a flower that’s guaranteed to thrive.

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