Creating the calm you crave

For a mother who's on her feet most of the day, busy life inspired her to create a bedroom that's exclusively for relaxing. It's therefore only fitting that her fabulous, free-standing bed takes centre stage, draped in 100% cosy, cotton bed linen. That opens up just enough room behind for a dressing area, separated with soft curtains. And take a look at those laundry bags which she uses for everything from her washing to a day at the beach. She loves them so much, she bought two!

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A new kind of comfort zone

Choosing to place a bed in the middle of a room may very well go against everything you’re used to. Take a peek at how it’s done here for a little inspiration.

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Too dreamy for words

In a room designed purely for relaxation and sleep, investing in beautiful textiles, some underfoot softness and mood-matching bedding is a must.

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A world of one's own

Though not the biggest of spaces, it's amazing how many activities the daughter's room can accommodate. It's all down to space-saving furniture that serves more than one function: like a loft bed with built-in storage and desk space, a side table and drawer unit in one, and a day bed that doubles as a sleepover solution for friends on the weekend.

A base for years to come

With her teenage years ahead of her, she and her mum created a room that feels both grown up and easy to grow into. The white base, woven rug and natural textiles tie in with the timeless style of the house, while her ornaments and wall art can be updated as she gets older.

Pops of personality

A neutral base for any room means you can create a look that lasts for years to come, but sprinkling in some colours and patterns with cushions can make a space feel more like you.

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Things look good from up here

The same square metres where she sleeps at night are also where she scribbles away during the day – and does her homework, of course! Her space-doubling loft bed makes the most of her small room, and even has some shelves on the side for all her workbooks, files and spare bed linen.

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Step into another home

Ideas - Home 3 - Kişiye özel alanlar

All in a day's work

Ideas - Home 3 - Kişiye özel alanlar

Nothing more, nothing less

Ideas - Home 3 - Kişiye özel alanlar

Time for something new

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