Storing on the ceiling

When you feel you have run out of storage options – use the space above your bed! It’s also a good excuse to have a bed canopy. Here we’ve used a combination of MULIG wall storage in a new way. (Make sure that everything is securely fastened.)

A fringe with benefits

Besides forming a decorative lining around your bed, MÖJLIGHET bed pockets offer ample space to organise and hold things you want within easy reach. Arrange them by colour, activity or day of the week to keep track of what goes where.

Pockets from leftover textile

Is your curtain fabric just a little bit too long? Great! Sew the cut-off strip back on (only higher up) to form a row of convenient pockets. From hairbrushes to an extra pair of slippers, it’s all right where you need it.

Comfort and storage rolled into one (literally)

The flow of seasons tend to make some textiles unneeded for a portion of the year. Put them to use as filling in empty cushion covers – and you can store them in (almost) plain sight in wait for next use.

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