The new VASSVIKEN honeycomb door covers give the BESTA storage unit a modern twist. Maximise the way you use the space inside with boxes to organise things by activity or type. It makes it easy to grab the box you need, without emptying out the whole cupboard.

With BESTA as your base, you can add to your storage with wall-mounted shelves – mixing in open storage keeps the space feeling light. Keep it balanced – group things by colour, type, material. And remember the stylist’s tip of displaying objects in odd numbers – it’s said to be more pleasing to the eye!

Ideas - Throw a spontaneous garden party

Use the tops of storage units as an extra surface for displays. Start with a table lamp, then build up a display around it using objects and artwork of varying heights and textures. Unsure about mixing colours? Stick to one colour palette to tie the display together.

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