IKEA Ideas - How to keep cool on your staycation

Set up a relaxing nook

Create some shade by hanging up a pair of thick curtains that you can adjust to let some sun in. They will also keep out the heat. Use an LED lamp that doesn’t generate warmth as reading light.

IKEA Ideas - How to keep cool on your staycation

Get refreshed with a summer ice drink

Sometimes the simplest things are the most pleasurable. Create an energising beverage by mixing ice with some berries, freshly-squeezed lemon juice and a hint of fresh mint. Then sit back and enjoy.

Make a revitalising mist

Hydrate your skin while in front of the computer or writing at your desk. Fill a spray bottle with sliced cucumber and ice-cold water and spritz your face and décolletage every time your skin needs a boost. Use a bottle with an adjustable jet for a soft and even sprinkle.

Create a cooling footbath

Enjoy a frosty, spill free footbath by filling plastic bags with ice cubes (these bags are made from mostly renewable materials). Place them inside a basket for a more stylish look. Then sink down onto a couple of pouffes, plunge your feet in and relax.

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