How to de-tangle your home


This picture seem familiar? Here’s the good news. We’ve collected 6 of our favorite tips to keep your power cables organised and tangle-free for good. Oh, and they’re all do-able in less than 2 hours.

IKEA Ideas - How to de-tangle your home

1. Powerboards with cables sprouting out aren’t exactly the biggest complement to stylish workplaces or stereo set ups. A quick solution is a nice box that can fit everything inside. Cables out one side, extension cord out the other.


2. Tangle ups in the bathroom too? Try hanging your hair styling tools rather than keeping them in a drawer. With an over the door mirror you get a great grooming station as well.

IKEA Ideas - How to de-tangle your home

3. This powerboard holding pouch takes a little bit longer to do, but the payoff is that you never have to crawl under furniture again. To make one, cut a square of fabric that’s a bit longer than your power board, punch in four eyelets, then fix with L brackets to the lower side of your furniture.

4. These salt and pepper shakers make perfect sized homes for ear buds and USB cables (it surprised us too!). Plus for a bonus creative look, you could give them a spray with a favorite paint color.

5. Never really got the hang of yoyo’s? Try them out as cable organisers instead. Just take out the string and wrap your cord round the middle.

IKEA Ideas - How to de-tangle your home

6. But this has to be the easiest of all. Just label each type of cable, so they’re easy figure out which is which. A cable organiser under a workplace or home entertainment area keeps them tangle-free and looking neater too.